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Is your chimney or attic a winter hideaway for pests?

February 5, 2014

With the bitter cold moving through the Midwest this winter, many people are using their fireplaces to stay warm. Naturally, most expect their chimneys to vent smoke – not serve as an entryway for unwanted pests. But if your chimney isn’t secure, that’s exactly what could happen. To avoid attracting pests like mice and rats, keep your chimney damper closed when not in use and install a secure chimney cap for further protection. Chimneys and attics are particularly vulnerable areas, since they are often overlooked, can become damaged without your knowledge or develop unseen openings.

So what types of pests hide out in attics and chimneys? Some of the most common pests known to hide in attics or come through a chimney are rats and mice.

Rats and mice that find their way into chimneys and attics can quickly become pests that build nests and multiply. Like most rodents, rats are known to carry diseases, and can also be destructive and dangerous. Fortunately, they are usually easily detected as they scratch, scamper, chew and gnaw. If you spot one, chances are that many more rats are close. They can be particularly destructive if they get into heating or cooling ventilation systems or if they chew through electrical wiring.

In short, securing your attic from rats and other rodents is an important precaution that can easily be done by sealing off vulnerable areas such as chimney tops and cracks, securing windows and placing screens on vents. For full pest removal and infestations, remember to always contact a professional.

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Authored By: Eric Scherzinger

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