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Facts About Cockroaches – Their Dangers and Diseases

March 21, 2014

Wherever cockroaches go, they usually bring disease with them – which is why the last thing you want is a cockroach infestation in your home. Because cockroaches reproduce at alarming rates and travel in swarms, they can easily become the cause of devastation for many homeowners, as experienced by residents of East Dayton just last year. Local residents contacted WKEF-TV ABC 22 in an effort to bring attention to their growing neighborhood infestation – and get the city involved. Cockroaches traveling from surrounding houses were plaguing a number of Dayton residents’ homes. Because of the heightened media attention, the neighborhood was able to successfully rid cockroaches from the area – but cases like this demonstrate that infestations can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Cockroaches not only invade homes, they also bring potential disease and danger that you might not be aware of. For instance, did you know that cockroaches can trigger asthma and cause skin rashes? Recent studies have demonstrated a connection between allergies and cockroaches, showing that they can trigger allergic and asthmatic responses, as well as be the source of major health issues and lifelong effects.

Cockroaches are also known to carry parasitic worms and 35 types of bacteria, including cholera and pathogens such as salmonella and streptococcus. Because of their highly adaptable nature, cockroaches can survive in the most pestilent conditions, often becoming carriers of parasites and bacteria that lie dormant until they reach a desirable host. Cockroaches are also more intelligent than once thought, and work together to survive and thrive – making them a tough adversary to fight.

Fighting an infestation should not be handled without professional help, as the infestation can spread rapidly and affect others in your surrounding area – as seen in the case of East Dayton. Not only are cockroaches hard to fight, they are dangerous to fight on your own – exposure to cockroaches usually also means exposure to disease. At the first sign of cockroaches, call for professional help – because cockroaches travel in swarms and leave a pheromone trail to attract others, spotting one single cockroach ensures there are many more to follow. Additionally, you should contact a healthcare professional if you have been exposed to a recent cockroach infestation.

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Authored By: Eric Scherzinger

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