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Stink Bugs Are Back!

June 18, 2014

Although last winter’s temperatures brought freezing temps and bitter cold to Columbus, OH, and the surrounding Midwest, it unfortunately did nothing to reduce the population of a certain annoying overwintering pest – stink bugs. You probably even noticed them resurfacing as the weather first started warming up.

The problem with stink bugs is not that they are particularly harmful to homeowners or even all that pungent smelling – the problem is that their numbers can be endless. Once they invade, stink bugs are notoriously very difficult to get rid of.

But if stink bugs are in or around your home this summer, there are a number of things you can do to prevent, reduce and deter them.

First, ensure your home is sealed properly. Stink bugs get into homes through small cracks and holes on your home’s exterior – including everything from a cracked foundation to a small screen door tear. If there’s a way in, stink bugs will find it, so seal and caulk all possible entry points around your home, paying special attention to windows and doors. Because these areas are the most easily accessible entry points, you can improve your home’s protection by buying high-quality screens for your windows and doors. By following these tips for pest prevention in the summer, you’ll be ahead of the game to help reduce the number of overwintering pests in the fall too.

As always, the best way to prevent stink bugs is to contact a professional and have the perimeter of your home treated. If stink bugs have already found their way inside, rather than using pesticides, simply get rid of stink bugs by using a paper towel to pick them up and dispose of them. Avoid handling stink bugs directly with your hands – true to their name, they will produce a faint noxious odor if agitated. It is also a good idea to keep fruits and vegetables inside your refrigerator, since stink bugs eat fruits and vegetables and can lay eggs and defecate on or near produce that’s been left out.

For more stink bug and pest prevention tips, remember to check out the Scherzinger Pest Control site to get the most out of a pest-free summertime!

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Authored By: Eric Scherzinger

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