5 Simple Spring Pest Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free

Spring cleaning is a lot of work, but in return for some good-ol’ elbow grease, your home gets a fresh start.

You probably don’t spring clean with pest control in mind. (Who does?) But, whether you realize it or not, all that scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting and fixing is helping to keep your home pest-free.

Here are some simple pest-proofing steps that you can seamlessly add to your cleaning plans. This year, stop those pesky spring bugs from making your home theirs.

Prevent Pests by Cleaning Crumbs and Goo

Pests are always on the hunt for their next meal, and they’re happy to eat the crumbs that fall from your table. That’s why the kitchen might be the first place you notice spring bugs in the house. Before you run out and buy pest control products, clean up the food that attracted them in the first place.

When you’re spring cleaning, empty the kitchen pantry, cupboards and drawers. (You might be surprised by what you find!) Wipe away crumbs and sticky residue from old spills—pests love that mess.

Here are a few other places where bits of food and liquid can lay out a banquet for bugs:

  • Bottoms of garbage cans and recycle bins
  • Between and under furniture cushions
  • Bathroom cabinets (from liquid medicines)
  • Outdoor dining table, grill and patio

Pests have no scruples about burrowing into your stored food, too. As you’re reorganizing your pantry and bulk emergency food supplies, throw away stale, expired or already-infested flour, rice and pet food. Plastic food containers are your best bet for keeping food fresh and safe from hungry pests.

Eliminate Leaks and Standing Water

Pests need water to survive. So now is a great time to check for leaky pipes and faucets in your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, mud room and basement. Excess water attracts cockroaches and silverfish. Other creepy crawlies can enter your home through faulty pipes.

As you’re clearing cobwebs from the ceiling, also keep an eye out for discolored spots that could indicate a leak.

Outdoors, fix any drainage areas where water tends to pool—these are mosquito magnets—and rethink any toys, decor or containers that collect rainwater.

Decluttering for Pest Control

Clutter is a pest’s best friend. Rodents and bugs love to hide in junk-jammed basements and attics that are dark and lonely. (After all, there’s a reason why we say “pack rat.”)

Are you using cardboard boxes for storage? Rodents and bugs can fit through cracks or march straight in. Instead, use plastic bins to keep spring bugs out of your stuff.

Stop Bugs from Getting Inside

Bugs and rodents have an uncanny ability to squeeze through super-small cracks and holes. So, inspect your home for entry points. (A pest control technician with a trained eye can do this for you.)

  • Take a stroll along your roof, looking for rotted wood and broken shingles.
  • Caulk weak spots around plumbing and electrical conduits, as well as windows, doors, soffits, vents and the foundation.
  • Replace deteriorated weather stripping, crumbling mortar and damaged siding.

Here’s a big one: Check for ripped screens on windows and vents where newly active spring bugs can get through.

Finish up with some logical lawn care to deter termites.

  • Trim bushes and tree branches so they don’t touch your house.
  • Keep mulch a few inches away from your foundation.
  • Remove dead tree stumps and rotting wood.
  • Clear the gunk from gutters.

Know the Signs of Pest Infestation

Spring cleaning invites you to take a closer look at things you don’t normally inspect.

This is a great time to check your wood for soft spots or discoloration that could point to a termite colony. Termites swarm in the spring, as do ants, so if you notice lots of buzzy activity, call a pest control expert. The same goes for gnawed wires or scratched walls, which could mean rodents. Tiny dark spots on your linens? That might spell bed bugs.

If you see droppings, wings or other worrying evidence, but you’re unsure what it means, then call ScherZinger Pest Control, and we can identify and eliminate any spring bugs in your house.

We’ve Got You Covered

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