Are Pests Attracted to Pools?

Swimming pools are supposed to be sources of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment of the summer sun—not a breeding ground for pests. But unfortunately, many pests are attracted to standing bodies of water just like your pool.

How can you enjoy your pool this summer pest-free? Are there certain pests you should look out for in particular? Find out from the pros at ScherZinger Pest Control!

Why Are Pests Attracted to Pools?

Pests—like just about every other creature on our planet—need water to survive. Pests need water to drink, but they also like water for other reasons. Many pests thrive in humid environments—not just because they need drinking water but also because water provides an essential place for breeding. (Mosquitoes, for example, lay their eggs directly in standing water.)

As a large body of water, pools (even chemically treated ones) can be very attractive to many pests. In addition, the environment around your pool can be very attractive. Flowering plants, water features, and poolside picnics can all contribute to an insect pool party in your backyard.

What Pests Should You Look Out For?

Some pests love moisture more than others, like the following:

  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Certain spiders
  • Termites
  • Drain flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Earwigs

If you have a pool, water feature, or any standing water in your yard, it’s important to watch out for any pest, of course, but we recommend keeping an eye out for the ones above.

How Can You Control Pests around Your Pool?

While it’s not possible to entirely eliminate pests around your pool (it’s the outdoors, after all), it is possible to mitigate the problem. There are a few things we recommend to keep pests from overwhelming your pool.

#1 Maintain your pool regularly.

Be sure to skim the surface of your pool (ideally daily) to remove leaves, debris, and other organic materials, since these also attract insects. Clean your pool filters and baskets so your pool is filtering properly.

#2 Don’t forget your pool cover.

When you’re not using your pool, use the pool cover. This acts as a barrier to keep pests, leaves, and debris from entering the pool.

#3 Get rid of standing water.

Insects—especially mosquitoes—love standing water. In addition to covering your pool, eliminate sources of standing water near the pool. This includes things like empty plant pots and bird baths. (If you love your bird baths, you don’t have to give them up: just empty and then replace the water daily.)

#4 Mind the landscaping around the pool.

Take care to maintain the plants, shrubs, and trees near your pool. Don’t let them become overgrown and hang over the pool. Also rake away any dead plants, leaves, or other vegetation. If you are replanting this year, consider choosing plants that don’t attract insects (like non-flowering plants and shrubs). That way, you don’t add insect attractants to the pool area.

#5 Choose the right lights.

Insects are attracted to light. Of course, we’re not saying you should get rid of your patio and poolside lights. However, consider opting for yellow or orange-hued lights, rather than bright white or bluish lights. Lights on the warmer side of the spectrum are less attractive to bugs.

#6 Keep your pool treated.

Pool chemicals (like chlorine) are essential: they disinfect the water, kill bacteria and viruses, and limit the growth of algae. Keeping your pool properly treated ensures a safe and healthy swim. However, pool chemicals are also important for pest control, since they help deter insects and limit breeding. Make sure your pool chemicals are at their proper levels at all times.

#7 Keep food and drinks covered.

Poolside parties and picnics are a blast. But to avoid ants and stinging insects, take a few precautions: keep food and drinks covered, and keep trash can lids tightly sealed.

Need Help with a Pest Problem?

If pests are putting a damper on your poolside summer fun, we can help.

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