Can Termites Swarm After Treatment?

“Why am I still seeing termites after treatment? Can termites still swarm after treatment?” These are common questions from homeowners—and we get it. It can be concerning to still see evidence of termites after your home was treated. If you see termite swarms, does this mean the termite treatment didn’t work?

Today, our termite experts are answering these important questions! Find out when seeing termites after treatment is okay and when you should start to worry.

What Is a Termite Swarm?

In every termite colony, the termites are divided into groups: the workers, soldiers, and swarmers. The workers are responsible for building the colony, finding food, and caring for the young. The soldiers protect the colony, and the winged termites—termite swarmers—are the reproductive members of the colony.

Termite swarmers, or flying termites, appear when an established colony has grown large enough for swarmers to leave and establish new colonies. Very large colonies might release swarmers every year.

Termite swarming season in Ohio is in the spring and summer. During this period, flying termites travel up to several miles away from the original colony, pair off, shed their wings, mate, and start a new colony underground.

Seeing signs of flying termites—like discarded wings—near your home is one of the clearest signs that your home has a termite problem. (You can read our previous posts to learn more warning signs of termites.)

Can Termites Swarm after Treatment?

Yes, in fact—termites can continue to swarm after treatment. Why?

Termite treatment can take several weeks to a few months to completely eliminate the entire colony. Unlike other types of pest control, termite treatment simply doesn’t work instantaneously.

With treatment involving bait stations, for example, worker termites find the bait while foraging. They take the bait back to the colony, where it eventually infects and eliminates all the other termites. It takes time for the workers to find the bait and for the bait to spread through the colony.

That’s why, while the treatment takes effect, it’s possible for termite swarmers to continue to leave the colony. As a result, you might see flying termites for some time after pest control technicians complete treatment.

This doesn’t mean that the termite treatment didn’t work. Pest control is a long game: it takes patience and dedication to not only eliminate pests but keep them from coming back. For this reason, try not to worry about seeing termite swarmers in the days after treatment!

You only need to worry that treatment hasn’t worked if you’re still seeing signs of termites and termite swarms months later.

Here at ScherZinger, our termite treatment includes ongoing monitoring to make sure that the treatment is working. We monitor your property through two foraging seasons—spring and fall—to ensure that the termites are truly gone.

Need Help with Termites?

Finding termite swarms or other signs of termites around your home is alarming. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Our pest control experts can inspect your property, determine if you have a termite problem, and if so, offer a customized treatment plan for your home. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners just like you—saving homes from the destruction of termites.

What’s more, we also offer preventative pest control solutions for the proactive homeowner who wants to avoid future infestations (including termites).

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