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Category Archives: Mice

When it comes to pest management and control, it’s paramount to stay up-to-date on environmental discoveries, extermination innovations and the changing dynamics of the world around us. We think it’s important to share these findings with you, along with the new discoveries and any new topics we uncover in our own day-to-day work as your hometown professionals.

  1. What Smells Do Mice Hate?

    What smells do mice hate? And can you keep mice out of your home using scent alone? We get these questions a lot! They’re understandable. Many homeowners (and renters) are looking for a quick, simple, and inexpensive way to solve their mouse problem or avoid a mouse problem entirely. Today, we’re exploring this topic in…

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  2. Why Do I Have Mice in My Home?

    Mice are scavengers—meaning they go where there is abundant food, shelter, and safety. If you’ve got mice in your home, that should tell you that your house has laid out a proverbial “mouse welcome mat.” To prevent mice from entering your home and resolve a current mouse problem, it’s important to learn what attracts mice…

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  3. How Do I Keep Mice from Coming in My Home This Winter?

    As winter approaches and temperatures start to drop, little furry creatures such as mice look to your home for sanctuary and warmth to help them survive the cold months ahead. However, there are a few easy steps you can take right now that, along with a little professional help, will go a long way in…

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  4. Mice: Cute in a Disney Movie, Not So Cute in Your Home

    On television, mice are funny, cute and at times, heartrending. Think Mickey Mouse, Jerry (Tom and Jerry), Bernard and Miss Bianca (The Rescuers), and Fievel Mousekewitz (An American Tail). Adorable, right? Don’t be fooled. The mice of televisions and movies are all well and good, but having your very own house mouse is not at…

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  5. Mice Issues? Here’s What Not to Do

    So you’ve found yourself with a furry “friend” at home—perhaps more of an unwanted visitor. You know the kind … they eat cheese and zip around looking for their next place to hide (or family member to scare). Mice, while cute, are not the most welcome of visitors. From droppings left behind to chewing electrical…

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