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When it comes to pest management and control, it’s paramount to stay up-to-date on environmental discoveries, extermination innovations and the changing dynamics of the world around us. We think it’s important to share these findings with you, along with the new discoveries and any new topics we uncover in our own day-to-day work as your hometown professionals.

  1. Get Rid of Ants in Potted Plants

    Ants love potted plants. While ants generally aren’t a hazard to your beloved indoor plants, they are an unwelcome houseguest. From their home base in your potted plants, ants can become an annoying problem that ruins your food and causes disgust. How can you get rid of ants in potted plants? Keep reading to find…

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  2. Can Termites Swarm After Treatment?

    “Why am I still seeing termites after treatment? Can termites still swarm after treatment?” These are common questions from homeowners—and we get it. It can be concerning to still see evidence of termites after your home was treated. If you see termite swarms, does this mean the termite treatment didn’t work? Today, our termite experts…

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  3. Can Mulch Attract Termites?

    Can mulch attract termites? If not mulch, what does attract termites? How can you keep your home safe from this incredibly destructive pest? We get these questions often from homeowners worried about termites, which is why we’re answering them today. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about termites and mulch, to keep…

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  4. 2024 Pest Control Forecast

    Did you know pests are impacted by the weather and other environmental phenomena? That means it’s possible to look at trends and make educated predictions about the following year’s pest problems.  Consider this 2024 pest control forecast as your farmer’s almanac for pests. Keep reading to learn what pests you should be concerned about in…

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  5. How Preventative Termite Treatments Work

    If your home doesn’t have termites, count your blessings: this pest is a scourge, causing billions of dollars worth of damage in the United States every year. But how can you keep your home termite-free? Today, we’re discussing preventative termite treatments: how they work, why you might consider them, and what your options are. Keep…

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