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Category Archives: Termites

When it comes to pest management and control, it’s paramount to stay up-to-date on environmental discoveries, extermination innovations and the changing dynamics of the world around us. We think it’s important to share these findings with you, along with the new discoveries and any new topics we uncover in our own day-to-day work as your hometown professionals.

  1. Do Ants Kill and Eat Termites?

    Do ants eat termites? You might be surprised to learn how many pests eat other pests—including, yes, ants and termites! Today, we’re talking ants and termites. Do ants eat termites? Can you rely on ants to keep termites at bay? Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating topic—plus, what you should do if you…

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  2. Does Orange Oil Work On Termites?

    If you’ve found evidence of termites in your home, you know something has to be done as soon as possible. Left unchecked, termites can do thousands of dollars of damage! Can you deal with termites on your own, using orange oil? Today, we’re discussing orange oil. Does it work on termites? If not, what should…

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  3. Home Remedies for Termites: What You Should And Shouldn’t Do

    Considering home remedies for termites? Make sure to read through this first. Termites are one pest that strikes fear into the hearts of many homeowners. Left unchecked, termites can cause significant damage to a home. A subterranean termite colony (the most destructive type of termite and the one most common in Ohio) can eat a…

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  4. Signs Termites Are Damaging Your Deck

    Does your deck have termites? Termites are adept at hiding—doing thousands of dollars of damage in secret—which is why it’s important to know the signs that termites are damaging your deck. Keep reading to learn how to spot a termite problem—before they completely ruin your deck, garden, shed, and the rest of your home. Signs…

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  5. How to Tell If You Have Termites in Your Walls

    If there’s one pest that homeowners dread more than any other, it’s termites. This pest isn’t just terribly destructive—causing thousands of dollars in damage to your home—it’s sneaky. It’s easy for a termite infestation to slip under the radar, which is why it’s so important to know how to tell if you have termites in…

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