Bed Bugs Don’t Carry Diseases, but They’re Still Harmful

Bed bugs: these tiny little bugs can cause a lot of damage. Although bed bugs fortunately don’t carry diseases (unlike some other pests), they are still very harmful. Bed bug bites can be itchy and annoying, and in some cases, cause painful allergic reactions or secondary infections.

In addition to the physical harm, bed bugs can also cause very real mental and emotional harm. Having bed bugs can be extremely embarrassing: if you have them, you may not want to admit it to your friends and family. You probably don’t want to invite people into your house, knowing that you will have to tell them to wash and dry their clothes on high heat or risk bringing the bugs home with them. Stress, anxiety, and even insomnia can result from the discovery that you have an infestation. You may be worried about getting rid of them, replacing possessions (like furniture), and giving bed bugs to others. At night, sleep can be impossible, as every tiny movement and rustle of the bedsheets becomes a crawling bed bug. (In fact, recent studies have shown that people whose homes have bedbugs are several times more likely to report stress and sleep disturbances.)

If yours is an extreme case—for example, if the infestation is serious or if it is not the first infestation—you may even begin to feel paranoid. You may feel the need to avoid movie theaters, libraries, and other public places where bed bugs can commonly be found in order to prevent re-infestation.

When you are experiencing the trauma of having bed bugs, it can be tempting to take extreme measures: getting rid of all your furniture, putting everything you own into storage for two years, using insecticides bought off of the Internet. These methods, however, are ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. Bug bombs don’t kill bed bugs and may expose everyone in the home to toxic chemicals. Similarly, over-the-counter insecticides do not work; bed bugs are resistant to them. Basically, if something claims to be a “miracle cure” for bed bugs, it’s too good to be true.

Getting rid of bed bugs requires a methodical, multi-step approach. This approach will usually involve washing and drying clothing, shoes, and other items on high heat, vacuuming, applying traditional treatments or using heat. Our signature Heatigation℠ program is a one-day treatment that uses electronically controlled dry heat to eliminate bed bugs, in every cycle of life, egg or adult and all stages in between.

The bed bug experts at Scherzinger Pest Control understand the frustration and stress involved in dealing with bed bugs. We get many calls from people overwhelmed by an infestation, and we’re here to help.

If you have bed bugs, try not to panic, and call us today. With the assistance of our professional’s help, you can make sure that the bugs in your home get out and stay out, giving you back your peace of mind.

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