How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Pests?

How fast does pest control work? How long does it take to get rid of pests in your home?

These are some of the top questions we get from home and property owners. It makes sense: if you have an infestation in your home, you want to get rid of it, ASAP!

Today, we’re explaining why effective pest control takes time and why a proactive approach to pest control can make your life easier. Keep reading to find out how fast pest control works!

How Fast Pest Control Can Work

Every pest situation is different, which means that the amount of time it takes to eliminate pests can vary. Depending on your home and circumstances, pest control could work in several days or several weeks.

We can’t say exactly how fast pest control works without seeing the problem in person—but there are a few factors that influence the timeline.

Which Pest Infested Your Home

Certain pests are often eliminated faster than others. Rodents, for example, can often be addressed in a matter of days—by sealing up cracks where they’re entering your home and setting out baits and traps for them to find. Cockroaches and spiders, too, can often be eliminated fairly quickly by removing their food sources and setting out bait.

Other pests take longer to eliminate. Take termites: getting rid of termites typically requires a bit more time. We first have to place bait stations around your home, then wait for the termites to share the bait (which they love) with the entire colony. Ants also take time to bring the bait back to the rest of their colony.

How Bad the Infestation Is

The severity of an infestation is a main factor in how long it will take to get rid of the pests. The more pests you have in your home, the longer it typically takes to find and eliminate them all.

Most pests will reproduce and spread out throughout your home, if you give them enough time. Bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, rodents, and more will start out in one place (whether that’s your mattress, your kitchen, or your wooden deck) and then spread to other areas of your home.

If the infestation is confined to one area, or there are few pests, pest control will be quicker. If the infestation is in every room of your house, that will (of course) take longer.

How Quickly You Call for Backup

When it comes to pest control, time is of the essence—particularly if you’re facing a hard-to-kill pest or a serious infestation.

Many homeowners unwittingly make the problem worse by not knowing when to call in the pros. They’ll waste time and money trying to fix things themselves, using DIY solutions that aren’t effective. In the meantime, the infestation slowly gets worse—which means it usually takes longer to resolve.

Instead of Googling a DIY approach, call for an inspection with a pest control professional as soon as you suspect an infestation. Don’t wait!

Why We Recommend Proactive Pest Control

Have you ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? When it comes to pest control, that saying has never been more true.

Many homeowners and property owners don’t think about pest control until after they discover a problem. Often, by the time they realize anything is amiss, the infestation is serious. (That’s because it’s easy to miss the signs of an infestation. Lots of pests—from termites, to bed bugs, to cockroaches—fly under the radar.) When this happens, the homeowner has to scramble to find fast, reputable pest control.

However, instead of waiting to react to a problem, why not avoid the problem in the first place?

Proactive pest control—like ScherZinger’s Guardian programs—offer you the opportunity to stop many pests before they ever enter your home. That’s because proactive pest control offers targeted solutions to your home’s vulnerabilities and repels pests from common entryways (like window, doors, vents, pipes and eves).

This kind of pest control is typically more efficient and cost-effective, also. It’s faster and cheaper to prevent a pest problem (or squash one as soon as it rears its ugly head) than to deal with a big infestation.

Finally, proactive pest control helps you build a relationship with a qualified, trustworthy company. If you ever have a problem, there’s no stress! You already know who to call.

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