Ants: The Best Way To Get Rid of Them

There is no “hurrah” to this little ditty when the ants are marching across your floors and countertops. It seems like overnight, they’ve set up shop in your kitchen! What’s worse: you’re not even exactly sure where they’re coming from. Luckily, ant infestations are usually fairly easy to mitigate, and they’re even easier to prevent (just don’t try any home remedies if you already have them!). Let’s begin with some preventive measures you can take to drastically reduce the possibility of an ant infestation in your home—and how to get rid of ants if you do have them.

Perimeter Treatment
The single most effective way to prevent ants in your home is to have a pest professional, like ScherZinger, treat the exterior perimeter around your home. If you have an existing ant problem, you’ll need to examine and possibly treat the interior as well. Many homeowners simply schedule a seasonal perimeter treatment, such as ScherZinger’s Guardian Program, to keep their homes free of ants and other insect pests.

Vegetation Management
One of the ways ants get into your home is through adjacent vegetation. Keep trees and shrubs neatly pruned so they’re not touching your house—that will help get rid of ants. If you have landscaping that abuts your house, be careful as organic mulches like bark mulch can provide a habitat for ground nesting insects.

Eliminate Attractants
Remember, ants are attracted to food sources, so it’s important to keep all of the surfaces in your home clean, especially kitchen countertops, dining tables and kitchen floor baseboards. In addition to keeping surfaces clean, always store food in airtight containers. Even pet food should be picked up in the evening—leaving dry dog food in a dish continuously will attract ants just like any other food item.

How to Detect an Infestation
Obviously, a visual observation of ants in your home will be the best indicator of a problem. You may also notice a distinctive odor—black or brown odorous ants have a very distinct scent when they are crushed. Most people describe the smell as that of rotting food. Inside your home, you may only see a few ants. Outside—particularly if you find a nest and locate where they are entering your home— you might see a long, single-file line of ants. Either way, if you suspect an ant infestation, your best option is to call a pest professional to get rid of the ants for you. Additionally, arrange for perimeter control on a schedule recommended by your pest professional.

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