If I Am Not Having Issues, Should I Keep a Pest Control Service?

Many people ask, if I don’t have problem with pests, then why do I need pest control? The fact is, enrolling in a regular pest control maintenance program with a local pest control company can prevent most unforeseen home infestations. Professionals are specifically trained to spot the early signs in addition to treating your home to prevent pests from entering and multiplying. This kind of preventive scheduling and observation can greatly reduce the chances of infestation. In fact, most homes and buildings that don’t employ regular pest control maintenance programs eventually develop a pest problem – and may have an unknown one already. Because pests stay hidden or nest in places frequently left undisturbed like attics or basements, pest problems and infestations can often go unnoticed or ignored till the effects are severe or structure damage has already occurred.

To pests, your home is a prime place for food and sanctuary, and so will naturally try and enter to make their home. To prevent this, regular pest control maintenance is the best and surest method of protection. Now more than any other time of the year, pests are seeking warmth and safety as the colder months approach – and are very likely seeking ways to enter your home. So when looking for a pest protection program, it’s important to choose one with year-round protection and quarterly treatments. An effective pest maintenance program should include complete barrier treatments to both keep the bugs away and reduce the pest population around your home.

Another important factor in determining a good pest control maintenance program is the diversity of pests it kills and repels – common household pests should always be included as well as any pests that are problematic in your area or region of the country. The Guardian Program through ScherZinger Pest Control is an extensive treatment plan for controlling pests, no matter what the season, and includes protection against all types of common pests from ants and cockroaches to fleas and ticks. Contact a local specialist like ScherZinger Pest Control to see what kind of protection your home needs. It’s better to have a good defense then to battle an infestation after it’s too late.

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