Pest Control for Property Managers

Property managers – whether managing one income property or an entire apartment complex – must be ever vigilant in their pest control measures. Having a variety of residents with varying hygienic habits can quickly create an environment where cockroaches, mice, bed bugs and other pests will thrive. Here are some tips for keeping rental properties free from pests.

Regular Inspections are Critical

The smartest thing a property manager can do to control unwanted pests is to create a partnership with a reputable pest control company. This is important for several reasons.

First, establishing a routine monitoring program will enable you to discover pests relatively quickly and hopefully before they spread to other units or reach populations that cause significant damage or health risks. Your pest control specialist can alert you to the most common pests in the area, perform inspections to detect activity and make recommendations to keep the property pest-free.

Second, if you have an issue, being able to rely upon a company that knows about your property will facilitate a fast and precise response to the problem. This may be one of the most important partnerships you’ll have as a property manager.

Include Pest Provisions in your Rental Agreement

Ensure your residents accept responsibility for creating or facilitating a pest infestation on your property. Within your rental agreement, express expectations about their duties to notify management as soon as possible if they observe or suspect a pest problem in the rental unit.

Likewise, require a cleaning deposit and stipulate that residents are responsible for keeping areas clean to avoid problems with unwanted pests. As the property manager, you can gain entry to a rental unit and require the resident to comply with some basic sanitation requirements if you suspect a health risk due to a pest infestation.

Be sure residents are aware of the notification and procedure if you need to enter the rental to respond to a pest control issue.

Thoroughly Inspect and Treat Problems between Occupancies

Develop best practices for addressing resident turnover in your property management plan. At a minimum, rental units should be professionally cleaned and inspected for pest activity before they are made available to new residents.

If you suspect pest problems or if you observe signs of pest activity, call your pest control company immediately. Empty units are far easier to treat for rodents or insects than when the space is filled with furniture and personal belongings.

Perform Routine Pest Control on a Recommended Schedule

Follow the schedule recommended by your pest control company and consider routine maintenance as a vital part of protecting your investment and keeping your property pest free. Despite your best efforts, you may still end up with an unexpected rodent or insect problem. If this happens, call the experts at ScherZinger Pest Control. 

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