Proactive vs. Reactive: Comprehensive Pest Control is Both

When it comes to pest control for your home, business or rental property, it’s important to have a strategy that’s both proactive as well as reactive. Simply calling a pest professional only when you have a problem is like going to the dentist only when you need a root canal… preventative checkups can stop bigger problems from happening down the road. With ScherZinger Pest Control, you’ll get fast and effective response to all pest problems as well as a plan for preventing pest problems in the future. That’s what we call comprehensive pest control.

Reactive Treatments

When you call ScherZinger with a pest problem – discovering carpenter ants in your garage, bed bugs, termites or rodents – we will respond immediately to address the problem. There are three key elements to a comprehensive pest elimination program: detection, elimination and monitoring. Let’s take a closer look as each of these elements.


Detection is more than simply a visual confirmation of an existing pest. Termites, for instance, live in colonies, hidden within the structural beams in homes and garages. It’s not enough to simply detect their presence or treat areas where there’s evidence of termite activity. Detection involves locating colonies, thoroughly inspecting the property for damage, and developing a plan for elimination.


Depending on the pest, elimination can be tricky. It requires expert knowledge of the pest, the best method for elimination, safe application of bait or other substances, and designing an elimination strategy with a high probability for success.


One of the most important aspects of comprehensive pest control is post-action monitoring to ensure success. Occasionally, pest infestations require more than one response action or application. Effective monitoring protocols provide assurance of success and can inform future treatment needs.

Proactive Treatments

In many ways, the best time to think about comprehensive pest control is before you have a pest problem. That old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure is certainly true with pest control. This is why ScherZinger Pest Control is a recognized leader in this industry: not only are we experts at reacting to pest problems, our pest professionals have the knowledge to work with property owners on proactive treatment options to prevent pest problems in the first place.

For all of your pest control needs, the experts at ScherZinger Pest Control will be ready to respond quickly and effectively. Let ScherZinger design a comprehensive pest control program that is proactive in preventing pest problems but also reactive if, despite your best efforts, you still find yourself needing fast and effective pest control. Let’s work together to develop a comprehensive pest control program for all of your needs.

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