Spring, The Official Season For Termites

Spring is here – and so is termite season. But what is termite season, exactly? Termite season technically refers to the time of year when termites are most noticeable. Termites appear to be more active in the months of March through November, but in reality, they are just most visible then. It’s true – termites are active all year long, with only a noticeable increase in activity during warmer months. For example, swarms, discarded wings, droppings and home damage are all definitely easier to notice during the official termite season in Columbus, OH, and its surrounding areas.

Signs of Termites

How do you know if you have termites? A true termite invasion carries many signs:

  • Termite swarms – These usually occur in warm, moist conditions but are not vicious by nature. Swarms are a loosely constructed colony, not grouped tightly together, that is in search of food or a new home, or engaged in mating rituals. Termite swarms in Columbus, OH, are often visible during daylight hours.
  • Discarded wings – Mature termites are winged, often shedding them when swarming to form a new colony. Look for discarded wings near your foundation, windowsills and even in spider webs.
  • Damaged wood – When wood appears cracked, chipped, discolored or hollow in some areas, this could be caused by a termite infestation. Infestations can also look similar to water damage, bulking wood and swollen areas on ceilings or floors.
  • Shelter tubes – These are narrow tunnels constructed on your home’s exterior, typically near the foundation. Shelter tubes are made from mud, saliva, plant matter, wood and feces, and provide a moist, safe environment for termites.

The best way to prevent and treat termites in your home in Columbus, OH, or any Midwest area is to contact a professional. Professionals like ScherZinger Pest Control perform full inspections for both your current home as well as one you may be looking to buy. They also conduct quarterly inspections and provide preventive tips and treatments – such as their signature Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System – to ensure you stay termite-free all year long.

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