Pest Control Spring Cleaning Tips

With springtime just around the corner, you can be sure that the sun and warmth will also mean a revival of dreaded springtime pests. Fortunately, we have fast, easy solutions for preventing springtime pests from taking over your home and garden.

Spring cleaning should include preventive pest control. Simply add preventive pest control to your annual checklist, and you’ll be one giant step ahead of the game.

Start first with your yard, working your way in from the outside by cleaning up any debris and nesting material. Overwintering pests are known to hide in your home during the winter, but did you know they can also seek refuge in weedy gardens? Often pests can hide out in gardens in the cold months, only to emerge in the spring hiding amongst the weeds and debris. To prevent these pests from making a home in your garden, clear out any dead or diseased plant material, weeds and any other debris that could be used as nesting materials. Also, give your garden a good tiling, since harmful insects can burrow into garden soil during the fall and winter. To prevent pests in your garden, make sure your soil is still usable and good, or consider rotating your crops each year to monitor for pests.

To prevent pests from entering your home and storage spaces, keep all entrances clean and sealed. Clear out storage spaces or undisturbed spaces in the garage. Maintain a thin layer of mulch away from your foundation. Avoid planting bushes or heavy shrubbery near your foundation and make sure to trim trees near your home. Secure any foundation cracks or cervices, and install screens on all windows to prevent insects from coming inside.

Springtime will no doubt bring ladybugs, ants, spiders, termites, flies, stinging insects and many other critters. In particular for the last few years, most of our region and notably Columbus, OH, have seen an explosion of brown marmorated stinkbugs, and these too will be making their comeback as our weather turns warmer. Even though we experienced an overly harsh winter containing arctic air blasts, this does not guarantee that the usual array of overwintering pests will be affected one way or the other. Most of these pests are adaptable by nature, so we’ll have to wait and see whether or not the long, bitter winter had any affect on their numbers or activity. For more tips on preventive pest control, call a professional and happy spring cleaning!

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