Are You At Risk Of Having “Super” Bed Bugs?

As superhero movies take the box office by storm, it seems only fitting that we should be talking about a real life super villain: Bed bugs. Only, now, they have super powers including super strength (stronger shells) and regeneration (chemical resistance). Yes, bed bugs have become X-men (or should we say X-bugs?), and there’s no question about it, they’ll be using their powers for “evil” or at least to be a real pain to us humans.

The Rise of Super Bed Bugs

To put it simply, the rise of super bed bugs can most likely be attributed to repeated unsuccessful attempts to wipe them off of the face of the Earth.

“… researchers examined four populations of bedbugs – some that has been collected recently, and the more susceptible populations that had spent years, or decades, in a lab. They exposed the critters to four neonicotinoids: acetamiprid, imidacloprid, dinotefuran and thiamethoxam.

The two most recently collected bedbug populations, from Cincinnati, Ohio, and Troy, Michigan, showed resistance to all of the chemicals – including a ‘dramatic’ level of resistance to acetamiprid.

Bedbugs that had been stored in a laboratory for 30 years suffered a 100% mortality rate when exposed to 10 nanograms of acetamiprid. But when the bedbugs from Ohio and Michigan were exposed to concentrations of acetamiprid 1,000 times stronger, only 28.3% and 26.7% of them died, respectively.”

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Bed bugs in different areas may have evolved differently in order to increase their chances of survival. For example, research out of Australia from the University of Sydney shows that bed bugs have developed a thicker shell that helps protect them from common insecticides. At the same time, research out of Washington shows that bed bugs have evolved with a “bevy” of genotypes that allow them to withstand chemical exposure (Walters, 2016).

Are You at Risk?


Bed bugs are not limited to any economic status, specific cities, or individuals with poor hygiene. Thanks to their superb hitchhiking skills, you may bring bed bugs into your home simply by visiting a movie theater, clothing store, or gym. They may ride in on your person or belongings after staying at hotel, renting a car, or flying on a plane.

Since everyone is at risk for bed bugs, everyone is also at risk for super bed bugs.

Super bed bugs are more likely to be found in a place that has been treated for bed bugs before. For example, if an apartment building treats for bed bugs but the job is unsuccessful and bed bugs remain those bed bugs may already be “super” or on their way to evolving.

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How to Fight Off Super Bed Bugs

Fighting off super bed bugs may call for a super hero… or at least a really good pest control company such as ScherZinger Pest Control.

Since bed bugs are developing defenses against chemical treatments, chemicals alone may not be enough to do the job. A professional can come to your home, evaluate the bed bug infestation, and come up with a comprehensive treatment and preventative plan.

At ScherZinger Pest Control we’ve developed a signature solution called Heatigation. It’s a one-day heat treatment that eliminates bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle. Learn more about ScherZinger’s Heatigation solution.

If you have a bed bug problem, contact a professional like those at Scherzinger Pest Control, now, as dealing with the problem quickly will save you time, money, and stress!

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