Termite Elimination Solutions for your Home

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably considered the possibility of termites, but not given it more than a passing thought. It won’t happen to you, right? But termites are a major problem across the U.S., causing an estimated $5 billion in damage every year. Termites pose a very real threat: understanding how to protect your home is something every owner should know.

Protecting your home from termites involves inspection, detection and elimination. Without visual or physical evidence of termite activity, you may not even know if there are termites in your home. If you believe that termites only live in the warmer climate of the south, think again. Other than Alaska, every state has termites and, thus, termite damage.

There are three key elements to a comprehensive termite elimination program: detection, elimination and monitoring.

ScherZinger Pest Control uses the award-winning Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System®, with stations every 8-10 feet around your home. During this process, your Scherzinger Pest Professional will be on-site and will return in 30 days to ensure everything is functioning as it should be.

After that, quarterly service visits are done. This puts an expert on your property on a regular basis; that means if termites are present or find their way into your home, they will be found fairly quickly. Sentricon stations around your home are baited with Recruit HD termite bait. Termites will feed on the bait once they find the station and carry the bait back to the rest of the colony. This begins the process of elimination. The elimination phase continues as the baiting substance infects and ultimately eliminates the colony. This process is typically repeated to ensure complete colony elimination. Once complete, monitoring continues and, if termites are ever detected again, the baiting and elimination process is repeated.

Homeowners must be ever-vigilant in monitoring and responding to termites. When you consider the risks and associated costs of doing nothing and suffering from termite damage, the old adage about “an ounce of prevention” really does ring true. The investment you make to monitor termite activity and respond quickly will pay dividends in the future in the form of deferred maintenance and avoiding substantial damage to your home.

ScherZinger Pest Professionals are industry leaders in termite detection and elimination. They use the revolutionary Sentricon System, which is proven to eliminate colonies. Sentricon has the industry’s only termite control product to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Supported by research, the Sentricon System is safe for the environment and can be used at home, in hospitals, schools, hotels, nursing homes and more. ScherZinger offers safe, effective and environmentally friendly solutions for termites and other household pests. Call today to schedule a home inspection.

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