Termite Forecast 2024

Termites—just like the weather—are somewhat predictable. Depending on factors like weather conditions, availability of shelter, and food and water supplies, we can actually forecast the severity of termite problems in the coming year!

Keep reading to learn the termite forecast for 2024—plus what you should do if you suspect termites in your home.

Termites in 2024

Termites, like many other pests, are affected by weather conditions. This pest thrives in hotter, drier climates, especially, and is very sensitive to temperature. (In fact, one study done by researchers at Florida’s University of Miami found that termites ate wood seven times faster on 95-degree days than they did on 77-degree days.)

Given that this past year, 2023, was the hottest year in 150 years due to the Hunga-Tonga volcano eruption in the Pacific, it should come as no surprise that termites continue to thrive. Should current trends continue, termite activity will likely increase, thus demanding more extermination measure by home and business owners.

As temperatures increase, termites may also eventually expand their territories—moving further and further north across the globe and chowing down as they do so.

In 2024, homeowners should be aware that termites are more active than ever before. Warmer-than-usual temperatures in Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati are prompting termites to eat faster and increase their populations.

For this reason, we recommend homeowners stay vigilant for the signs of termites year-round (but particularly in spring).
Termites have always been destructive—causing up to tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a home. Now, they are more catastrophic than ever!

What to Do If You Suspect Termites

We’ve written previously about the signs of a termite infestation, like termite swarmers.

If you’re concerned about potential termites in your home, now is the time to get a termite inspection. As we mentioned above, termites can do extensive damage to a home (now faster than ever). If you wait to address a possible termite infestation, you face additional costs in repairs, plus additional challenges in removing the infestation.

With a professional termite inspection, you’ll know for sure if termites are plaguing your home. Following the inspection, you can discuss options for treatment. (This is something we do not recommend anyone try to DIY!)

Here at ScherZinger, for example, we provide treatment programs tailored to each unique home. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment, which is why our solutions are personalized and designed to eliminate termite infestations for good.

We’ve helped pioneer the latest, safest, and most effective solutions against termites. Our Sentricon program offers guaranteed elimination of the entire termite colony without drilling, digging or chemicals, as well as ongoing monitoring. In addition, our Guardian Plus and Guardian Complete pest management programs offer regular inspections with termite and mosquito control—giving you year-round peace of mind.

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