Facts And Myths About Termites

You probably know that termites can feast on wood, and you likely know the threat they pose to your home. However, unless you’ve dealt with termites in the past, you may not know just how big of a threat they represent.

Termites are so dangerous because they can go undetected for a long period of time. By the time you notice you have a termite problem, they could have already destroyed much of the wood in your home. In fact, termites can destroy more than just wood. They’re interested in almost any material they can get their hands on.

Below is some interesting information about termites that may help you determine whether you need a termite inspection.

Fiction: Termites only eat wood.

Most of the destruction in the home is performed by the termite colony’s workers and soldiers. These termites are actually blind. That means that they’re guided largely by their sense of taste. Since they can’t see, they’ll eat almost anything in their path. If they determine that the material is not wood, they’ll move on.

This is why it’s common to find not only damaged wood in termite-infested structures, but also damaged wires, drywall, and more. If you have a termite problem, you could need to replace a number of materials in your home.

Fiction: Your home is permanently safe once it has been treated for termites.

Many people believe that once a home is treated for termites, it’s safe for years to come or even permanently. In fact, many homes are treated during the sales process, and that treatment may be presented as a benefit or safeguard for the buyer.

Treatment is a great way to eliminate termites that already exist in the home, but it doesn’t guarantee that termites won’t come back in the future. To do that, you need a monitoring program. A good monitoring program can detect a colony in its early stages, so you can take action quickly and prevent further damage. To learn more about termite monitoring programs, contact Scherzinger Pest Control today.

Fact: Termites can bite.

Although it rarely happens, termites are capable of biting humans. For it to happen, though, the human would likely need to initiate contact. Termites are cryptic in nature, meaning that they prefer to stay concealed. It’s unlikely that a termite would initiate a bite. However, if you see one and are tempted to swat it with your hand, know that you may get bit.

Fiction: Termites won’t eat treated wood or redwood.

Another common myth is that your patio or deck is protected if it’s treated or if it’s made of redwood. It’s true that termites don’t prefer treated wood or redwood. However, they will certainly eat it if it’s the best option available.

Termites are primarily concerned with survival. They may not enjoy your redwood deck, but they’ll eat it rather than starve to death.

Fact: some Termites look like flying ants.

Although most termites in a colony do not have wings, winged termites are produced once a colony is ready to expand. These winged termites swarm in order to mate and start new colonies, and at first glance they may look like flying ants. The biggest visible difference is that termites are tube-shaped, while flying ants have a distinct pinched waist.

If you think you have a problem with flying ants, it may be worth it to schedule a termite inspection. It’s very possible that those annoying ants are really termites that are destroying your home.

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