The Importance of Year-Round Pest Prevention

Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself all year is peace of mind. To most people, the thought of pests lurking in their homes can be unsettling – but it only takes a few easy and proactive steps to save your home from pests and avoid unwanted invasions. Because pests are unhygienic and can often spread diseases, it’s important to incorporate pest prevention maintenance into your daily cleaning routine and regular home maintenance. When you engage in regular pest prevention programs, you’ll know that your home is safe from even the smallest invaders.

When coming up with a pest control strategy, remember two simple things – educate yourself and be proactive! Your best defense is to know as much as you can when dealing with potentially invading insects and rodents. Research the common pests in your area, know where they live, what they eat and what potential danger they can bring to your home. Arming yourself with knowledge can help to incorporate new habits into your cleaning routine, such as storing items in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes – helping prevent moisture buildup that attracts certain pests. But you also need to be proactive – don’t wait for an invasion. Performing regular maintenance now – including repairing screens, caulking cracks and stacking firewood away from your house – can end up saving you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run.

Good home maintenance is the first, best step to help prevent pests. Leaky pipes, cracked siding and foundation cracks are problems that need to be fixed not only to maintain the value of your home, but also to prevent attracting pests and giving them easy access inside. Remember, too, to keep up the outside of your home, including trimming nearby hanging branches and keeping mulch below your foundation line, as both can create a bridge for pests. Performing regular, basic home maintenance both inside and out lets you recognize and add further safeguards to thwart pests, while supplying you time to inspect for any infestation.

As always, remember you are never alone when dealing with pests or coming up with year-round pest prevention strategies. Professionals are only a phone call away, and they can guide you through your options and help develop the very best strategy for your home. So call a professional like ScherZinger today – and get peace of mind all year long.