Why ScherZinger Is The Best Choice For Columbus Pest Control

There are plenty of reasons to love living in Columbus—beautiful parks, interesting museums, top-ranking restaurants and charismatic neighborhoods. Bed bugs, termites and mosquitoes don’t make the list.

But, really, how do you choose the best exterminator from all the options out there? Just go with the closest one? The biggest brand name? You are going to invite this company onto your property and maybe even inside the sanctum of your home. Are they going to spray chemicals everywhere or pressure you into services that you don’t really need?

For decades, ScherZinger has provided safe, effective and ethical pest control in Columbus. Here’s what we do to earn your business.

We Know This Town

ScherZinger and Ohio go way back—all the way back to 1934. We’ve learned a lot over 85-plus years serving this area, and not just about pest control in general but about Columbus pest control, right here where you live.

We partner with the Ohio Pest Management Association and the Ohio Department of Agriculture to keep abreast of developments and trends. (Did you know Columbus regularly ranks as one of the worst cities in the nation for bed bugs?)

Since we’re not a big, national brand, we offer more than just generic solutions. We’re very familiar with the way local pests behave, breed, migrate and morph. As seasons come and go, and as pests change their patterns, we stay a step ahead and respond with years of experience in Columbus, pest control and protecting homes, just like yours! Consider us your hometown experts.

We Don’t Imitate. We Innovate

We pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of our industry, improving our offerings to adopt best practices. But there have been times when even the best pest control methods just weren’t good enough for us. What did we do? We created our own solutions.

Heatigation™ bed bug removal is one example of a safe, one-day bed bug treatment that is far superior to traditional methods and that you can only find at ScherZinger. Our proprietary Sentricon® termite elimination system is the only one of its kind to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

Selecting ScherZinger as your Columbus pest control partner means you get big-time results while also supporting your city’s local economy.

We’re ‘People’ People

ScherZinger is a family name. We’ve been treating our employees and clients like family for four generations. We hire employees who are interested in a long-term career, not just a job. Low turnover means that you’ll know your technician by name, and we’ll know you by yours.

We want our staff to be personable, yes, but we also want them to be true pros. To earn our clients’ confidence, we educate our inspectors and technicians—we’re talking weekly classes and regular technical seminars conducted by industry experts—and nurture their development so that when they show up at your property, they’re not just reading from a script. They’re assessing your unique problem and prescribing the right solution.

We invest in our people so they can invest in you. Not any ol’ Columbus pest control company can say that.

We’ve Got You Covered

ScherZinger Pest Control is a trusted pest control company in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, including Dayton and Columbus. We’ve been pioneers who have engineered new standards for ways of eliminating and controlling bugs and pests. Contact us by phone at 1-877-748-9888 or through our website or Facebook.