Why Termites Aren’t the Neighbors You Want to Have

You’re in your car, driving down your street toward home. Music is blasting and you’re ready to unload the bags from your latest mandatory grocery run. As you turn into your driveway, you notice a termite pest control vehicle parked across the street from your house. Shortly after you unload your car, your neighbor walks over to explain the situation. She’s got termites.

Your Neighbor’s Got Termites … Does It Matter?

You thank your neighbor for being transparent and wish her luck. But just as you shut the door, you get to wondering if your house has termites. After all, your neighbor is close by … what if the termites move into your house, too? #hellopanicattack

Given your anxiety is probably through the roof, it’s understandable that’d you want to have your house checked for termites. Houses that were built simultaneously and in the same neighborhood often get termite infestations at the same time—so the likelihood that your house will have them if your neighbor’s does is somewhat high.

What You Can Do

It goes without saying, but to reduce your chances of termites in your home, keep your property and house clean:

  • Remove dead wood and keep firewood away from your foundation
  • Check decks and wooden fences for damage
  • Divert water from your foundation
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean
  • Keep all vents clear and open

Remember, termite colonies can be controlled with the right treatments, but you can prevent them, too. Depending when your subdivision was built, the wood used in each home may have been pretreated for termites—however, it will wear off over time. If your neighbors are having their homes treated and/or are already dealing with termites, this signals that you probably should have yours treated, too.

Like any good neighbor, do your due diligence and have a professional come to inspect your home. He or she will determine if there are termites on your property, where termite colonies are located, if there is any indication of termite activity inside your home and what treatments (both extermination and preventive) you can use to protect your home. In the event you do have termites, be a good neighbor and alert those nearby.

Just as your community enjoys being friendly, so too do termite communities. Unfortunately, these aren’t the neighbors you want to invite to the backyard BBQ or block party anytime soon.

Here to Help

If you spot signs of a termite infestation or simply want an inspection, contact a professional like ScherZinger Pest Control.

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