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Whether you manage a restaurant, hospital or hotel, own an office building, condo or retail complex, your business is an investment, and one you work hard to keep successful, safe and thriving. At ScherZinger, our business is to provide you expert extermination and protection programs so you can focus on your work priorities instead of pest problems.

Our team works to ensure your facility is pest-free – meaning your customers and employees stay happier and healthier – and contributes directly to your success. We also deliver peace of mind, knowing that your business can meet and exceed governmental guidelines and pass stringent health inspections. Your investment and its reputation are protected from the physical and emotional damage insects and rodents can cause – and that’s an asset you can depend on.

From residential to commercial, we custom-design a program to fit your needs, employing a full arsenal to best protect your investments:

  • Pest Management

    Proactive strategies for keeping your facility pest-free with minimal disruptions

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  • Outside Perimeter

    Eliminating bugs outside before they can make it inside

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  • Proactive Rodent Management

    Monitor and bait techniques targeted to repel and eliminate rodents

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  • Bed Bug Monitoring & Inspection

    Focusing in on potential infestation areas to deter and detect bed bugs as early as possible

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  • Heatigation℠ for Bed Bugs

    The industry’s best method for powerful, private elimination using controlled heat

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  • Termite Control

    Three strong solutions for detecting and eliminating colonies

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  • Flying Insect Control

    Trapping solutions and sanitary strategies for deterring growth and proximity

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  • Area Enhancement

    Aromatics and fragrance systems for pleasing atmospheres

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