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Flying Insect Control


As a business owner or operator, you never want to hear the age-old anecdote, “Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup.” Flying insects are annoying and unpleasant, to both your employees and customers. Worse, they are fast-breeding carriers of countless bacteria, able to spread disease with one touchdown. As pest control experts, we know that for every one fly that is seen or heard, there can be up to 20 more hidden from sight.

It’s important to determine exactly what species of flying insect is buzzing around – different flies have particular habits and favorable living conditions. Identifying the type of problem insect allows our technicians to craft a targeted program for its treatment.

In order to help diminish and dissuade flying insects from thriving in your establishment, we offer two complementary strategies proven to reduce airborne pests:

  • Fly Lights. Unobtrusive, low-voltage lights are mounted in areas of maximum attraction, catching and securing insects to their glue boards for later identification.
  • Remedial Drain Cleaning. Our service for sanitizing and cleaning drains that is attractive to certain insects, helping eliminate potential breeding grounds.

We know how to cut down on irritating airborne pests. Call us to talk in person or request a quote customized to your square footage and industry now.

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