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At ScherZinger Pest Control, we believe the first and best line of defense is to keep bugs out of your business or facility – eliminating them in the surrounding environment before they have the chance to spread inside. Our outside perimeter program works hand-in-hand with your existing, ongoing interior treatments, working as a both a supplement and a reinforcement to attack pests from all angles.

By employing direct applications of specialized material to the perimeter of your establishment in tandem with your regular inside treatment program, we greatly deter and deflect all manner of common pests waiting to invade the premises. We devise powerful solutions that are hassle-free, non-invasive and cost-effective – and more important, that perform exactly as they should. It’s what you can expect from us, every time.

When it comes to your pest problems, we like to combine forces and hit them from all sides. Call us to talk in person or request a quote customized to your square footage and industry now.

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