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Trust the pest control experts who set the bar just as high as you do.

The stakes are high for pest control in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, where anything less than pristine facilities or strict adherence to safety standards can halt your entire production—or worse.

That’s why at ScherZinger, you’ll get a zero-tolerance pest policy.

Our proactive approach includes a thorough (free!) inspection as well as customized and comprehensive pest control solutions that fit within your budget. You’ll also get a dedicated account rep, trend reports, and quality assurance audits—all to ensure we’re keeping things up to par.

Sound like guess-free, stress-free pest prevention? That’s because it is.

Here’s how we get to work:


We do a FREE inspection and prescribe a treatment plan with a proposal.

We’ve developed a range of ScherZinger Pest Management Programs so you can find one that fits your needs and your budget. With our programs, we offer a scope of service—and preventative care—you won’t get anywhere else. (Don’t see your ideal program here? Our certified techs will customize a pest control plan, just for you.)


Once you’ve decided on an approach, we get right to work, assigning you a dedicated account rep, fixing current pest problems, and installing preventative measures. With our customized pest monitoring systems, you’ll not only keep problems at bay, but be able to consistently meet audit and regulatory requirements with confidence.

Some of these proactive measures may include interior and exterior rodent stations, preventative treatment(s), ant baiting, bed bug monitoring (proactive), and more.


Rely on us to address any issues as soon as possible. All our services are warranty guaranteed, so if you’re not satisfied with a treatment, we’ll come back and do it again for free.

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We’ve been serving pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus for more than 85 years, and our expertise is unmatched. Our commercial techs undergo regular training and certification at both the state and national level, and as a family-owned company, we take the well-being of your business just as seriously as we do our own.

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