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ScherZinger’s Remote Monitoring Technology is redefining the pest management industry. It provides rigorous pest control by giving you 24/7 site visibility.

In food handling, processing, and packaging—as well as pharmaceuticals and other highly sensitive applications—facility managers need more than mere assurance that their pest control efforts are working. You need proof—and ScherZinger’s Remote Monitoring Technology delivers it.

This easy-to-install wireless technology is dustproof, waterproof, and designed to withstand a broad range of temperature changes—making it ideal for hard-to-access or high-traffic areas around your commercial facility. The Remote Monitoring Technology app tracks the status of your stations 24/7.

ScherZinger can even deliver trend reporting to verify the effectiveness of your program. Over time, this reporting capability can generate insights to target high-activity areas and to continuously improve the control and elimination of pests. Not only does that mean less time wasted checking empty stations, but more time to focus on inspections and identifying issues before they become business problems.

Remote Monitoring Technology from ScherZinger is for industries with stringent safety and cleanliness standards like pharmaceutical and food processing, distribution, and storage, where 24/7 remote monitoring allows for a speedier response time and prompt corrective action. The data collected from traps can also be used to demonstrate compliance with QA inspectors and auditors.

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