Ants, rats, bees and more – they’re all around us, thriving and feeding and multiplying day after day. But before you feel overwhelmed or threatened, it’s important to remember that pests have their purpose. And the more you understand their motives and movements, the better you’ll be able to ensure they stay where they belong without damaging or invading your space.

At ScherZinger, we call ourselves pest management professionals for a reason – because that’s what we are. We’re pest control experts who are the best at knowing where, why and when certain pests act as they do. The best at knowing how to change the conditions instead of just reacting to the problem. The best at helping keep them from where they aren’t wanted, like in your home, business or investment. How do we do it? Through continual research, study, experiment and developing of new tactics and successful programs, all with an eye on the safety of your family and the environment:

  • Pest Identification

    Your A to Z guide on what’s buzzing, bugging or digging in and around your property

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    A common list of questions and answers from the experts in pest management

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  • Pestworld for Kids

    A link to games, guides and experiments for teachers and kids of all ages

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  • Blog

    Keeping you on top of the particulars of the pest world as it evolves and adapts

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