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At ScherZinger Pest Control, we have assisted the Ohio business community with their pest control needs since 1934.  As a 4th-generation, family-owned and operated business, we know that no two industries are the same, and your industry-specific pest control plan should be tailored specifically for your Ohio business.

For example, in food manufacturing and processing, complying with health regulations and maintaining the highest levels of safety and cleanliness is a top priority. A variety of pests can contaminate the food processing environment, from insects like beetles and moths to rodents like mice and rats. They can carry diseases like Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli, but chemicals are just as much of a contaminant.

Whether you own a hotel, provide maintenance at a university, or manage a warehouse, ScherZinger has a pest control solution for you. We invest time in understanding your operations so we can develop a custom pest control plan that works for your company, and most importantly, keeps the pests away.

Our state-certified expert technicians use cutting-edge technology to help ensure your business is pest-free and stays that way. With our current practices and techniques, you can rest assured your business will meet any government guidelines or hygiene and health inspections, as a failure in either could be disastrous for your business.

We custom design your business’s pest control services to help meet the needs of your industry so you can keep everything running smoothly:

  • Manufacturing & Warehouse

    Proactive strategies for keeping your facility pest-free with minimal disruptions

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  • Hospitality Pest Control

    Eliminating pests for your hospitality business.

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  • Apartment Management Pest Control

    Monitor and bait techniques targeted to repel and eliminate rodents

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  • Pharmaceutial Manufacturing

    Focusing in on potential infestation areas to deter and detect bed bugs as early as possible

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  • Higher Education Pest Control

    The industry’s best method for powerful, private elimination using controlled heat

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  • Food Manufacturing

    Three strong solutions for detecting and eliminating colonies

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  • Rental Property Pest Control

    Eliminate and prevent pests in rental properties.

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  • Property Management Pest Control

    Working with property management companies.

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