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Mosquito Pest Control Mitigation Program

Enjoy your yard – without being bugged by mosquitos.

Many homeowners have noticed an increase in mosquito populations over the past few years. In response to customer requests, we have developed the ScherZinger Mosquito Mitigation Service.

Mosquitos infest yards searching for shade, moisture and their next meal. Ponds, bird baths or any kind of standing water on your property will attract mosquitos, as will bushes, shrubs, trees, ivy and other low-growing, dense vegetation.

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate mosquitos, ScherZinger can help to control these pests around your home so that you can enjoy the warm weather without the aggravation of itchy insect bites.

The ScherZinger Mosquito Mitigation Program is guaranteed to reduce the number of mosquitos around your home. Our team of expert technicians will assess your property for conducive conditions, treat vegetation and/or harborage areas, and return monthly to retreat.

This is a monthly treatment for 6 months, April through September. These are the warmest months of the year, when mosquitos are most likely to be active and when you are most likely to be outside.

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