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When it comes to termites, it's not enough to repair their damage and kill them individually. What’s needed is a complete termite baiting system that delivers total colony elimination. That’s why your ScherZinger team uses the industry-leading Sentricon® System, a powerful solution that is easy to live with, environmentally responsible and most important, highly effective.

The Sentricon® System understands a termite's natural behavior – and then uses it against them.

  • Inspection. Our state-certified, Sentricon®-trained technicians perform a thorough evaluation of your property, identifying potential infestation areas.
  • Installation. Low-notice, non-disruptive Sentricon® Stations are installed outside at precise intervals around your property, awaiting any termites that are foraging in the area to enter and feast on the highly palatable and durable bait – in fact, they actually prefer it to other wood types.
  • Monitoring. After the stations are installed, they are closely monitored on a scheduled basis as part of your program.
  • Baiting. All the stations are baited all the time with Recruit HD termite bait. This is a low-toxicity, low-impact ingredient that prevents a termite’s molting and growing process. So the bait is ready for the termites when they find it.
  • Elimination. The worker termites unwittingly transport the bait’s active ingredient back to the colony, where it infects and then eliminates it. Because our climate is peak for termites in spring and fall, we will wait to declare elimination through two foraging seasons, ensuring complete elimination and not just a seasonal trend.
  • Ongoing. We provide ongoing quarterly inspections. Our program is renewable each year, and is 100% transferable if you sell your property.

As the only termite control product to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, the revolutionary Sentricon® System is the most successful and effective program for eliminating termites. It’s also one of the safest, developed to respect the environment and therefore ideal for schools, medical centers, multi-family homes, hotels and more. With ScherZinger and Sentricon® working together to cover your property, there’s no limit when it comes to size or space – or your peace of mind.

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