Why You Shouldn’t Use Essential Oils For Roaches

As tempting as it may be to take the all-natural route, using essential oils for roaches isn’t the best of ideas. In fact, the reality is that you should steer clear completely.

While the Internet would have you believe there’s an essential oil cure for any pest—including roaches—homeowners notoriously waste time and money with an oil-based, DIY pest control solution. Roaches do not react to these types of “treatments,” and you best bet is to skip essential oils altogether.

Skip the Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, one of the more popular essential oils, has been said to kill roaches; however, it’s completely ineffective. For starters, cockroaches are fast (so nearly impossible to hit with an essential oil spray) and they repopulate quickly (for every cockroach you kill, there are ten more in the walls).

What should you do to fix your problem instead of using essential oils for roaches then?

To rid yourself of the pesky pests, you’ll need multiple approaches:

  • Clean your home well and often to get rid of the roaches’ food sources.
  • Seal cracks and crevices where cockroaches can enter your home.
  • Fix leaky pipes and other places with excess moisture.
  • If you’ve got a significant problem on your hands, consider help from an experienced local pest control expert.

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Think Twice

Essential oils may smell nice diffusing in your home, but they weren’t made for pest control. Beyond their inability to eliminate a roach outbreak, there are a variety of other reasons you should steer clear of this DIY method:

  • Unlike traditional methods of pest control, essential oils are unregulated. In other words, you may never know exactly what is in the bottle. Essential oils can also vary in strength.
  • Some essential oils—including tea tree oil—are toxic to pets (especially cats). If exposed (either orally or topically), animals can suffer symptoms like drooling, vomiting, respiratory distress, tremors and even liver failure.
  • Essential oils can be hazardous to your own health. If swallowed by you (or someone else in your family), tea tree oil can be toxic. Be extra careful around young children.

The moral of the story? Essential oils for roaches are probably not the best way to solve your problem. In fact, any type of DIY solution isn’t going to eliminate roaches completely.

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