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When it comes to pest management and control, it’s paramount to stay up-to-date on environmental discoveries, extermination innovations and the changing dynamics of the world around us. We think it’s important to share these findings with you, along with the new discoveries and any new topics we uncover in our own day-to-day work as your hometown professionals.

  1. Don’t Let an Ant Infestation Ruin Your Picnic

    Things we love about summer include sunny days at the swimming pool, family vacations, and picnics in the park, complete with ice cream and popsicles. Things we don’t love? Ant infestations! In fact, nobody likes ant infestations: ants have been ranked the number one nuisance pest in the U.S.! Now that summer is here, it’s…

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  2. Why You Should Skip DIY Mosquito Repellant

    Summer is here, and you know what that means: mosquito season! Just about everybody hates mosquitoes, and trust us, we get it! No one wants to deal with itchy, painful bites—not to mention the danger of contracting the deadly diseases that mosquitoes can carry (like Zika and West Nile Virus). That makes mosquito repellant a…

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  3. Preventing Bed Bugs on Vacation

    Are you planning a vacation? You’re not alone: as Ohio and many other parts of the U.S. slowly re-open post-COVID, many people are thinking of taking that long-awaited vacation. Right now, you’re probably most concerned with vaccine passports, mask mandates, and other COVID requirements and protocols—but don’t forget about regular travel concerns, like bed bugs!…

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  4. Mulch & Termite Treatment 101

    Spring has arrived! Like many other homeowners, you’re probably getting back to the garden. As you pour new mulch over your garden beds, you might have wondered: “Does mulch attract termites? What do I do if I see termites in my mulch?” Today, we’re answering these very common questions. Let’s talk about mulch and termites!…

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  5. What to Know about Cicadas in Ohio

    Things are about to get loud: the 17-year cicadas are coming back to Ohio this summer! The more southern parts of Ohio—including Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus—are likely to see billions of cicadas. (That’s right: we said “billions!”) What do you need to know about cicadas? Keep reading to find out—before the buzzing swarm descends! Cicadas:…

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