Heatigation: Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

It sounds clichéd, but when it comes to bed bugs, they can’t take the heat.

If your home or business has bed bugs, you’ve got to get rid of them quickly and safely (since we already know that essential oils and home remedies don’t work). One such way is Heatigation(SM). This heat treatment for bed bugs is a solution that has proven to be a giant step above traditional chemical elimination as well as incredibly effective. No longer do you need to worry about vacating the premises for days and days—heat treatment is a speedier, safer approach.

How It Works

The one-day controlled heat treatment kills all stages of bed bugs from egg to adult in every corner and hiding spot (even electrical outlets!). Say goodbye to multiple-day solutions (or wondering if you got them all) and hello to convenience. Heat treatment for bed bugs usually takes between six and eight hours, depending on the condition of the area being treated. Follow-up visits aren’t generally required.

So why does it work so well? Heatigation uses environmentally safe measures to raise the ambient air temperature throughout your home or business to a level that is lethal to bed bugs. Remote thermometers are placed to ensure the right temperature is reached. Bed bugs and eggs die within 90 minutes at 118­–145 Heat radiates into walls as well as your belongings to get tough-to-reach bed bugs—something insecticides can’t do. That means your bed, sheets, mattresses and linens will all get hot—and you can say “see ya!” to those pesky pests no matter where they are. Any visible bug debris can be removed with a HEPA vacuum.

Why Choose Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

While insecticide treatments are popular and often more cost-effective, Heatigation means less repetitive and intrusive chemical treatments and lots of time saved on your part—plus it’s eco-friendly. Using heat treatment for bed bugs means no long-term evacuation for pesticide or disposal of infested furniture and home belongings. Put simply: it’s easier, and you get to keep your stuff. It is, however, important to note that some items cannot be left inside during a heat treatment—grab anything that could potentially melt and of course, your pets.

Another reason to consider Heatigation? You’ll be able to reenter your home or business almost immediately after the treatment is complete. It’s truly the surest, safest and most superior method of eliminating bed bugs in all phases of life.

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