How Can Remote Monitoring Help Your Business?

Pest control has come a long way from the wooden mouse trap. Today’s pest control solutions—like remote monitoring—are proactive and high-tech, providing insights and making pest removal and prevention more efficient. How can remote monitoring help your business?

Today, we’re discussing the latest in commercial pest control. Learn more about ScherZinger’s Remote Monitoring Technology, including how it differs from traditional pest control programs and how your business can benefit.

Remote Monitoring: What It Is and How It Works

ScherZinger’s Remote Monitoring Technology is an electronic remote monitoring program that provides more efficient pest control than ever before. Remote monitoring allows 24/7 activity monitoring of pests. The program also gives data-driven insights into your business’ pest problems, including problem areas and problem pests.

Remote Monitoring Technology includes sensors placed strategically throughout your site. These sensors are connected to an app. When sensors detect pest activity, time-stamped notifications are sent to the app to alert you of pest activity. Over time, the data collected from alerts generate information on pest activity; this allows for more effective trap placement and more efficient pest elimination. Not only does that mean less time wasted checking empty stations, but more time to focus on inspections and identify issues.

This wireless technology is dustproof, waterproof, and designed to withstand a broad range of temperature changes. It’s easy to install and ideal for hard-to-access or high-traffic areas around your business.

How Remote Monitoring Can Help Your Business

Traditional pest control relies on routine inspections or notice from business owners that pests are present. This kind of approach is reactionary. By the time you or an employee notice pests and alert your pest control company, a pest problem can become a business problem.

Especially in industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing and storage, and health care, proper pest control is vital. In these industries, pest problems aren’t just a nuisance: they can lead to major problems like FDA violations, quality assurance inspection failures, and fines. Damage to your business and brand can result, and the loss of trust in your brand often takes much longer to resolve than the initial pest problem.

For pest-sensitive industries, effective pest control should be proactive. That’s where a remote monitoring system can benefit your business: ScherZinger’s Remote Monitoring Technology helps your business avoid major pest problems altogether.

Remote monitoring detects pests faster, and faster detection means faster elimination. In addition, the data from remote monitoring offers critical insights into areas of vulnerability. Using this data, your business can take steps to mitigate potential pest problems in the future.

The program helps your business continuously improve the control and elimination of pests—so you’re never behind the gun on a pest problem. This, in turn, helps to protect your business operations and brand—making it an invaluable asset in your pest control arsenal.

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