In order to help you, your family and your business with controlling and reducing yourhome pest problems throughout the year, we offer these tips and essential things to remember.

  • Stinging insects, such as yellow jackets, wasps and hornets will become more plentiful in warm months. Control is best accomplished at night after the workers have returned to the nest. Wear long sleeves and slacks, and do not carry a flashlight. Most over-the-counter pesticides designed for stinging insects will be effective if you follow the label directions.
  • Even though they may seem more frequent to you, occasional invaders such as millipedes and pill bugs will enter your building because of overpopulation and to escape heat and drought conditions.
  • Seal your house as “tight” as possible, inspecting caulking twice per year to ensure it has not cracked or fallen out.
  • Make sure you seal where utility lines or water lines enter your building with a good silicon-type caulk.
  • Windows and screening (especially attic or crawl space vents) should be checked and replaced if torn or missing.
  • Doors and garage doors should fit and seal tightly at the bottom and sides when closed.
  • ALWAYS keep your gutters and vents clean. Mice and carpenter ants are very comfortable with the water and material that collect in gutters, using them as sources of food and water.
  • Keep clutter such as firewood and other items at least 15 to 20 feet away from your house.
  • Bug “zappers,” while effective against various types of night-flying insects, should be placed away from where you want to be – remember, light attracts insects.
  • Call your hometown pest management professionals at ScherZinger for advice, if you have questions or need help dealing with your pest problem.


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