Can Bed Bugs Bite through Clothes?

Can bed bugs bite through clothes? It’s a common question we get as pest control professionals.

You might be surprised to learn the answer! Keep reading to learn whether or not your clothing can keep you safe against bed bugs, plus what to do if you find them in your home.


Bed bugs “bite” by inserting a straw-like beak through your skin to feed on your blood (they’re similar to mosquitoes that way). Their beak isn’t big enough to get through your clothing, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Bed bugs cannot, in fact, bite through your clothing (they also won’t chew through your clothes.) 

They have to come into direct contact with your skin to bite you. However, that doesn’t mean that wearing clothes to bed will protect you from bed bug bites!

That’s because bed bugs can and do crawl under your clothing to get to your skin (they’re small enough to do so). Even if you wear long sleeves and pants to bed, if the clothing is loose enough bed bugs can reach your skin.

You’d have to be covered head to toe in tight fabric to protect yourself from bed bug bites, and we don’t know any pajamas like that!

The idea that bed bugs bite and chew through clothing is a common misconception. 

This myth likely comes from the fact that bed bugs will often hide in laundry baskets and on clothes. However, that’s just one of many bed bug hiding places. When hungry, bed bugs will exit their hideouts to find the nearest host.


If you notice what looks like bed bug bites, blood stains on your mattress, or insect skins, you might have a bed bug infestation in your home.

As we already mentioned, you can’t rely on clothing to protect you from bed bugs. So what should you do if you find evidence of this nasty critter?

First, make sure you’re armed with knowledge. 

Don’t fall prey to bed bug scams or use unproven and dangerous DIY methods. You also don’t have to get rid of all your possessions. We’ve written extensively about bed bugs to help people just like you understand what you’re up against.

Then, get help from the professionals. Bed bugs are incredibly difficult for the average homeowner to handle by themselves. This pest is hard to find and harder to kill. While there are things you can and should do to help deal with an infestation (like laundering your clothes and vacuuming), the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to call in the pros.

At ScherZinger, we have decades of experience eliminating bed bugs quickly, safely, and discretely. If you suspect your home has a bed bug problem, we’re here for you!


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