Check these 5 Unexpected Places Bed Bugs May Be Hiding

Bed bugs are a growing problem in this country. Perhaps one reason this problem is spreading is the idea that bed bugs can only live in mattresses or other “soft” places like furniture. This is a myth. You’d be surprised by the places bed bugs may be hiding in your home. They can hide out in a slew of unexpected places which makes infestation all the easier. Here are five places you probably never considered bed bugs may call home.

Library Books

The library used to be one heck of a bargain… after all, where else can you get the latest best sellers for free? However, thanks to bed bugs, the tables may be turning. Tiny bedbugs can hide and lay eggs in the spines of hardcover books. Patrons unknowingly check these books out and take them home. After the lights go out, bed bugs find a new home in the house (ex. the mattress) and a new food source (you).

Alarm Clocks

Instead of waking up to music, you could be waking up to itchy bites because bed bugs can hide out in your alarm clock. Bed bugs like to hide close to their food source (you) and since your alarm clock typically sits right next to your bed those dark cracks and crevices are just as inviting to them as your mattress.

Under The Bed

As a child, you probably thought there was a monster under your bed… and you may have been right. Many people believe that bed bugs can live in your mattress but they don’t even consider under the bed. That’s right, bed bugs can take up residence where the carpet meets the wall (especially near the bed as it’s close to their food source). Since they have an affinity for wood and fabric, they can also make a home in the cracks of your bed frame or even the wood slats that support your bed.

Electrical Outlets

In a home that is heavily infested, bed bugs spread out. One place they can hide is behind electrical outlet plates. The outlets in your bedroom, specifically those closest to your bed, are the most likely culprits for housing bed bugs.

Dresser Drawers

Dresser drawers are another candidate for bed bug infestation because they’re (often) made of wood and near your bed, or at least in your bedroom. The crevices of drawers and even screw heads can be prime real estate for bed bugs.

The moral of this (frightening) bedtime story is that bed bugs can live just about anywhere. They prefer to be close to their food source, so the items that make up your bed or are closest to your bed are the waterfront property so to speak, but no room is truly safe. Sofas and recliners, especially if they’re slept on, are also nice homes for bed bugs. If you spot signs of an infestation, contact a professional like Scherzinger Pest Control right away as bed bug infestations are difficult to treat.

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