Common Pests Found in Hotels

Pests can be a nightmare for hotels. Many common pests in hotels, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents, negatively impact the satisfaction and safety of guests. This can result in damage to your business’ reputation and loss of revenue.

For hotel owners and managers, it’s important to recognize common pests found in hotels to avoid major problems. Keep reading to learn how to keep your hotel clean and safe for your guests.

Most Common Hotel Pests

Pests invade hotels, bed & breakfasts, and motels in a variety of ways: they can hitchhike on the belongings of guests and employees, fly in through open doors, or be brought in via deliveries.

Hotels are vulnerable to all kinds of pests, but the ones below are some of the most common.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests found in hotels, given how easily they spread via human travel. This pest might be brought into your hotel on guests’ luggage or employee belongings. From there, they can spread from one room throughout the whole hotel.

Today’s travelers are very wary of bed bugs: many guests check hotel reviews for mention of problems before booking, then check the bed itself when they first arrive. A bed bug problem in your establishment can send guests fleeing and result in significant damage to your reputation and brand.


Cockroaches can enter your hotel through small cracks or even via delivery: cardboard boxes can hold cockroaches, as they are a favorite place for cockroaches to lay their eggs.

Cockroaches are attracted to areas with food, moisture, and shelter—like your hotel kitchen and bathrooms. Once established, cockroach populations grow quickly. This pest can spread dangerous bacteria, such as salmonella and E.coli, making them a health hazard. What’s more, their droppings can result in contamination and unpleasant odor.


Rodents can find their way inside your establishment through the smallest of crevices. (For mice, that is about the size of a dime!)

Rodents that take up residence in your hotel can cause serious problems. They can cause structural damage, chewing through walls and wiring (also a fire hazard). They often harbor dangerous diseases that can endanger the health and welfare of your guests. In addition, rodents can bring other pests—like fleas, mites, and ticks—with them into your hotel.


Fleas can be a significant concern, especially if your hotel allows pets. Guests may bring fleas inside on their pets. However, even if you don’t allow pets, fleas can become a problem: fleas can enter through wildlife pests, like rodents or birds.


When one ant comes marching in, others will soon follow. Ants live in colonies, sending individual ants out in search of food. If they find it at your hotel, the rest of the colony will invade. You’d then find them all over your hotel kitchen.

An ant infestation looks unclean and unsightly to guests and contaminates food, meaning you’ll want to avoid this pest.

Flies & Gnats

Flies and gnats are some of the least destructive pests on this list, but they are still unwanted. Flying into your hotel through open doors, flies and gnats can then make their home in your garbage bins, drains, and grease traps.

An abundance can give your guests the impression that your hotel is unclean. Worse still, a fly infestation can contaminate food and leave guests ill.

Why Choose Proactive Pest Control

Reactive pest control waits until there is a pest infestation, then scrambles to fix it. Proactive pest control, on the other hand, assumes that pest problems are likely and takes steps to head the problem off at the pass.

For hotel owners and managers, we recommend a proactive pest control strategy.

Since many pests tend to congregate where people and pests are, it’s often a matter of when—not if—pests will try to invade a hotel. Because pests are so prolific in the hospitality industry, it is actually more cost-effective to employ a proactive treatment plan than pay for treatment of a major infestation and risk loss of revenue.

Proactive pest control involves a treatment plan that both addresses current issues, identifies areas of risk, and implements preventative measures. Regular visits by a pest control professional will find any problems much faster than the average hotel employee, who isn’t trained to spot the subtle signs of an infestation.

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