Quiz: Can You Tell These Common Pests Apart?

The only thing worse than discovering a pest infestation in your home is being unsure just exactly what it is you’re dealing with. Luckily, you don’t need to rely on a panicked Google search to get answers anymore.

Introducing the Scherzinger Pest Library: a collection of detailed photos of the insects and rodents you might encounter, along with habits, habitat, threats and prevention tips. You can also take a photo of what you’ve found and upload it to our site, where one of our call center team members will identify it for you and contact you with information on what it is and what you should do next.

Test your pest I.Q. with some of these commonly confused critters:

1. Which one is a carpenter ant and which is an odorous house ant? One will bore holes in your wall joists and has a painful bite; the other will contaminate your food but is otherwise harmless.

2. Which is a house mouse and which is a deer mouse? One can introduce allergies, fleas, mites, ticks and lice into your home. The other can transmit the potentially fatal hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

3. Which is the black widow and which is the brown recluse? Seeing them side by side, the answer may seem obvious—but the brown recluse is often mistaken for a black widow in real-life situations. Both spiders’ bites require immediate medical attention, but only one of them produces a neurotoxin 15 times more toxic than a rattlesnake’s.

1. The insect on the left is the relatively harmless odorous house ant. The carpenter ant is on the right.

2. The house mouse is on the left. As worrisome as the presence of house mice may be, the deer mouse is the one that can transmit the potentially fatal hantavirus. Luckily, deer mice are rarely found indoors.

3. You probably guessed this one—the brown recluse is on the left and the black widow is on the right. Although most people are rightfully concerned when they encounter a black widow, the brown recluse is no slouch itself when it comes to inflicting pain. Its bite can cause an open, ulcerating sore. The good news is that both of these spiders only bite in self-defense.

Remember: Protecting your home against pests shouldn’t be a guessing game. Check out the Scherzinger Pest Library any time you have questions about insects or rodents in your home.

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