Choosing an Effective Pest Control Company

It’s a new year! You might be here because you made the New Year’s resolution to be proactive on your pest control. (We talked about why this is an important, often overlooked resolution before, here.) Or you might have stumbled upon this page because you’re searching online for a way to get rid of your pest problem.

Either way, Scherzinger Pest Control is here to help. We’d like to offer you a few tips on choosing the right pest control company for your home. (We’ve been in business for more than 84 years, so we’ve got the knowledge and experience needed to answer this question!)

Here is what you need to know before trusting a pest control company with your home (and its occupants):


Homeowners often rush to hire the first pest control company that looks halfway decent. Why? There are usually two reasons:

  1. The homeowner has a really disgusting or traumatizing pest—like bed bugs or cockroaches—and they want them gone yesterday.
  2. The homeowner thinks that it doesn’t really matter all that much which company they hire, since they all do about the same thing anyway.

You don’t want to rush into hiring any old pest control company

Let’s talk about number one first. We absolutely understand that having pests—especially certain types of pests—in your home can be frustrating, embarrassing, and disturbing. You want to get rid of them, and you don’t want to wait a long time to do so. However, it’s important to take the time to find a good pest control company. As much as you want the job done fast, we’re sure you also want the job done right.

Now, onto reason number two. Not all pest control companies are created equal. Some have technicians and inspectors with extensive knowledge and experience; others have only the bare minimum. Some require ongoing training; others do not. (For example, Scherzinger Pest Control, our technicians and inspectors are state-certified and attend weekly classes and technical seminars.) When you are in the market for pest control services, make sure to take the time to fully vet the companies you’re considering: it will be worth it!


When you’re searching for pest control companies, be sure to do some homework on each contender. The Internet is perfect for this! Here are some suggestions for what to look for:

  • Look at their website: what do they say about their staff and their services?
  • Look at their reviews: what do people who have used their services say about them?
  • Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for their recommendations.
  • Give them a call, and talk to them about their services: do they seem professional and knowledgeable?
  • Get a quote.  Yes, prices will vary slightly between competitors, and some of that has to do with additional training, better equipment, etc. But a pest control company with sky-high prices—or rock-bottom prices—should raise a few eyebrows.

Further, beware of “pest control companies” that come to your door, without warning, and tell you that you have XYZ pest, or offers to do pest control services for cheap (but only if you agree on the spot). No reputable pest control company does this, and it’s likely a scam.


Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! This helps you to determine which company really knows their stuff. The staff, technicians, or inspectors that you talk to should be more than happy to give you the information you need to know, in order to make a decision. (And if they are not professional or courteous in their dealings with you before you become a customer, it’s unlikely they will be after you’ve paid them!)

Here are a some questions we recommend you ask:

  • How long have you been in business? (You can check a company with the BBB and/or State Department of Agriculture.)
  • How does your company keep your staff up to date with changes in techniques, products, and safety?
  • How much experience does your company have with treating my problem?
  • Can you provide me with references? 
  • Does your company use an integrated approach to pest management?
  • Will the person performing the pest control services be a certified, licensed pesticide applicator or a licensed technician? (You can verify licenses with the State Department of Agriculture.)
  • Can you show me a copy of your pest control license and a copy of the labels of the pesticides used? (The answer should be yes.)
  • Can you give me an estimate for the cost of the services I need?
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
  • Do you guarantee your work? If you do, what are the terms and conditions?

Yes, that’s a fair number of questions—but we think it’s important that you hire a company you can trust.


If you have a pest problem or have questions about pest control, we’d be happy to talk to you.

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