The Best Way to Get Rid of Bees in the Fall

Bees can be problematic any time of the year, but generally they are worse in the fall and can cause extra issues—simply because there are more of them. As bees emerge from hibernation in early summer, they live life to the fullest just as fall begins. One minute you’re outside enjoying the foliage and the next you’re swatting away a serious nuisance. While spring and summer tend to be the prominent months for bees, being prepared for the cooler months ahead isn’t a bad idea. 

What’s the Buzz About

It’s no secret that bees are actually the most harmless of all stinging insects—and they play a vital role in pollination, as well as in the production of honey and waxes. Bees aren’t generally as aggressive or invasive as other flying predators like wasps or hornets, but they can still cause issues … especially when defending their homes. Should you come in contact with a hive or nest, avoid it. Call a professional for removal or to take care of an infestation. Not only are DIY methods for hive and nest extractions dangerous, but they simply are not worth the risk and not a safe way to get rid of bees. 

Keep Them Out

Bees will try just about anything to stay alive during colder weather—and if they are able to find any small opening in your home, they’ll make their way in. Here are some helpful tips you can take to get rid of bees on your own before they become a bigger problem.

  • Ensure all entry points are sealed. Check screens for any holes or gaps—and don’t forget rotted areas under siding, spaces under your windowsills and in your attic. 
  • It sounds silly, but make your home as unappealing as possible. Remove items that produce sweet scents that bees are attracted to (things like soaps, perfumes and potpourri). Any opportunity you have to draw them away from your home, the better. 
  • Speaking of sweet, bees like sugar—especially in the fall—so if you have any juice or soda sitting out, best to put it away. The cleaner you keep your kitchen and home, the less chance of bees trying to sneak in and the easier to get rid of bees that do make their way inside. 
  • It goes without saying, but properly disposing of trash and recycling is a must. Keep a lid on your outdoor trash cans so bees can’t crawl inside. 

The surest way to locate problem areas is to watch where bees are entering or exiting your home. If it’s already gotten to that point, they’ve most likely started a nest. Tackling nests on your own is a risk we don’t suggest taking. Instead, consider hiring a pest control company to safely remove any bee infestation and get rid of bees for you.

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