Something Crawling in Your Basement? Here’s How to Get Rid of Silverfish

When it comes to the creepy-crawlies that inhabit our basements, it’s no surprise to learn they might be among the worst pests to invade your home. Basements and crawl spaces are the perfect living and breeding ground for many unwanted pests—cool, damp, undisturbed areas make for easy attraction. But dealing with these pests properly—including waterbugs and silverfish—first requires being able to identify what they are and where they are hiding. Wondering how to get rid of silverfish or waterbugs if you’ve got them? We’ve got you covered.

Unwanted Waterbugs
Waterbugs, also known as the Oriental Cockroach, are a common pest found in cool, damp areas around the house. Waterbugs look like common cockroaches (they are in the same family) and are recognizable by their dark brown bodies, short antennae and wings. Unlike the common cockroach, the waterbug is a slow and sluggish mover.

Sneaky Silverfish
Silverfish get their name from their resemblance to small, silver-colored fish or krill. They are characterized by a strange blue-silver or a smoky brown coloring and three long bristles on their tail end. Silverfish are nocturnal pests that also thrive in cool and damp areas, are swift moving and easily hide in small cracks in floors or walls.

As these creatures crawl around your house and feed, they also release harmful waste that may contain disease and bacteria. Silverfish tend to feed on paper, cloth, carpets or wallpaper. Waterbugs are more attracted to garbage or decaying food. Worst of all, both waterbugs and silverfish can reproduce quickly—and because of their secretive tendencies and hidden locations, an infestation can happen fast and quickly become too much to handle without professional help. As an infestation gets worse, items such as clothing, books and papers could be destroyed. Signs of an infestation can be found by checking clothing and closets, kitchen and bath waste receptacles, the garbage disposal and your basement or crawl space.

Keep Them Out Before They Camp Out
Knowing how to get rid of silverfish if you have them is imperative—but prevention is even better. Keeping your basement dry and clean is the first step. Also, all storage items and garbage should be in sealed plastic containers or bins to help you avoid attracting these bothersome basement pests. While waterbugs and silverfish are the most common basement dwellers in central Ohio, other common pests include earwigs, centipedes, beetles and crickets. Contact a professional for help with preventing and eliminating these crawling pests—especially if you suspect an invasion.

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