Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers: How to Leave Insects Outside

There are a lot of ways that insects can get into your home. For example, they may ride in on the back of your furry friend or squeeze through the tiniest crack or crevice. However, another way insects can gain entrance to your home is on you. Yes, unfortunately, some insects can hitchhike a ride on you (or your belongings) and end up in your home. Here are some insects you may inadvertently be bringing into your home and how to deal with them.

Ants, Spiders, and Mites – Oh My!

Fresh flowers or potted plants are a great way to add a touch of nature to your home. Unfortunately, that touch of nature might include unwelcome guests such as ants, spiders, mites, and other leaf and soil dwelling insects. This becomes more of an issue as the weather turns chilly and people start bringing their plants in for the winter.

Fortunately, most of the bugs that hitchhike in on plants are harmless to humans but that doesn’t make them any more welcome!

Before bringing any plants into your home, look them over carefully for signs of insect activity. Here are some other tips for bringing your plants indoors.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs survive on blood, and humans happen to be one of their favorite meals although they will dine on the blood of animals such as rats, dogs, and cats. Unfortunately for us, bed bugs are amazing hitchhikers. Furthermore, since they reproduce quickly, it doesn’t take long for a few bed bugs to become a full blown infestation. Bed bugs may latch onto you in a variety of places including:

Inspect your belongings and surroundings for signs of bed bugs to avoid bringing them into your home. Here are some signs of bed bug activity.


Few insects give people the heebie jeebies quite like cockroaches. Unfortunately, roaches, like bed bugs, are adept hitchhikers. You may be carrying them into your home in grocery bags, boxes, and second-hand purchases like appliances.

Roaches are more than just an annoyance. They can spread disease and exacerbate breathing problems in individuals that have respiratory issues.

Here are some tips on preventing cockroaches and other bugs from coming into your home.

In general, you can avoid bringing insects into your home by carefully inspecting yourself and any belongs before entering your house. If you do suspect you have some unwelcome visitors, contact Scherzinger Pest Control, a pest control company in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, including Dayton, OH, and now Columbus, OH. We’ve been pioneers, engineering new standards for ways of eliminating and controlling bugs and pests. Contact us by phone at 1-877-748-9888 or through our websiteFacebook, or Twitter.