Bed Bugs: Tips To Avoid Them While Traveling This Summer

It’s nearly summer, which means that it’s almost time for sun, sand, and family vacations! Like many families, you might already be planning a summer trip.

One big aspect of your trip is where you’ll stay. If you’re staying in a hotel, you want it to be a good one. You’ve probably thought about price, location, and the number of stars a potential hotel has—but have you thought about bed bugs?

You might already know that you can get bed bugs from hotels. (In fact, we’ve written about it before, here.) You might also know that, after check-in, you should inspect your room for signs of bed bugs. But while it’s good to be able to spot bed bugs in your hotel, it would be even better to avoid staying there in the first place. (That way, you can avoid an uncomfortable conversation at the front desk, not to mention the hassle that comes with finding a different room or hotel on the fly.)

One way to research a potential hotel is by calling and asking about their pest control procedures. A good hotel will have preventative measures in place and will be happy to tell you about them. You don’t want to hear that a hotel only deals with problems once they arise or “has never had any problems.” (That probably isn’t 100 percent true!)

It’s important to do this research even if you plan on staying in the most up-scale hotel. Reports have been shared about no-star roadside motels and five-star resorts alike. A room’s high price tag is no protection against bed bugs!

We should also note that just because a hotel has had bed bugs in the past does not necessarily mean that you should avoid staying there. If you find that a prospective hotel has had bed bugs in the past, call them and find out what they have done to remedy the problem. Bed bugs are so prolific that if you avoid every place that has had them, you might never leave your house.

Unfortunately, there is no way to be absolutely sure that a prospective hotel is bed bug-free before your arrival. The best way to prevent bed bugs from ruining your vacation is still to check your hotel room.

If you’re traveling this summer, be sure to check out a few of the articles we’ve written on bed bugs in the past. They’ll help you avoid picking up bed bugs on planes, in hotels, etc. as well as give you helpful tips on dealing with bed bugs if they hitch a ride home with you.

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