How To Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home With You

Bed bugs are a common fear for those living in urban areas, such as Cincinnati, Dayton or Columbus. Infestations are common—in any household, in any city, for any family, no matter how clean your house is. But did you know that most people actually get bed bugs in their homes from recent traveling? It’s true—traveling is the easiest and most likely place to pick up unwanted hitchhikers. Small parasitic insects, known as bed bugs, stow away unseen on unsuspecting hosts or attach themselves to garments or luggage when staying in hotels, motels, inns or rental units. Once in your home, they breed and multiply, often causing an infestation before you know it. To prevent bed bugs while traveling (and more important, upon returning home), follow these three simple rules:

Be Aware of Bed Bugs while Traveling
Bed bugs range from 1 mm to 7 mm; they are flat, wingless and reddish-brown in color. You can inspect for bed bugs in a bed by lifting up the sheet and tracking the lining of the mattress. Common signs are rust-colored blood spots, exoskeletons from molting, a musty odor or just spotting the bed bugs themselves.

Here’s how to tell bed bugs apart from their look-a-likes.

Be Cautious and Aware of Your Luggage—and Where You Keep it
While inspecting your room, it is best to keep your luggage in the bathroom or on a luggage stand to prevent bed bugs. Everywhere that your luggage and clothing are stored should be inspected thoroughly. Bed bugs are not likely to be found in bathrooms, and elevating your luggage on a stand can help prevent transfer.

While there is no way to be absolutely sure a prospective hotel is bed-bug free before your arrival, you can avoid them.

Wash All Clothing on the Hottest Setting or Seal in an Airtight Plastic Bag
If you suspect you’ve brought home bed bugs, washing and drying clothes on the hottest setting ensures you will kill any bugs stowing away on the fabric. Sealing clothing in an airtight plastic bag will also deprive the bugs of oxygen and eliminate them. It’s important to note, you should keep the bag outside for several days if you choose this method. When returning home, most bed bugs are transferred when your luggage is set down and left for a while, so this rule is the most important of all.

Prevent bed bugs from checking out with you, and you won’t regret the vacation you just took.

Following these three simple rules will drastically reduce the chances of bringing bed bugs home from a trip. However, if infestations do still occur, you should call the professionals at ScherZinger Pest Control immediately—bed bug infestations can become overwhelming overnight. Safe travels!

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